What I am doing


Did some work starting a garden. Hope to have a veggie studio in my yard.

Snow Job

Had a major snow storm yesterday. Dropped about 5" here. Melting off pretty well but two more storms are coming in this week. 

Good photo day

Spent the day photographing old buildings and some landscapes in Northwest Arkansas. New camera is working good. Today I used the Panasonic DMC-G5 and my old standby the Canon 40D.  Got a new 40mm lens for the Canon and used it today. Looking good. Need to check and see why the posts I make from my iPhone and iPad don't make it to the site. 

New software

Trying out new software called "Snapheal". It is for removing unwanted objects from pictures. Uses content aware. Trying to get away from Photoshop as much as I can.

New camera

I have decided to try the Micro Four Thirds camera system. I still have my Canon but will be trying a Panasonic G-5 mirrorless camera also. 

I will be posting photos from the new camera in a new gallery. Tentative name will be M43. Stay tuned.